Today was our last day of school at UNCuyo. I can’t believe how fast time has flown. We gave presentations about the different topics we covered in class and had an oral exam with our trip leader.
We went to the center again and did some shopping. I ate some ice cream- chocolate with dulce de leche and melon- my two favorite things from here. I bought a huge thing of dulce de leche to take home, but I won’t be able to bring any melon home with me. I’m going to miss it lots. The fruit at home isn’t the same.
Tomorrow we’re going back to the mountains to swim in some thermal pools- it’s going to be a really cool experience and I’m glad we’ll be back in the mountains one last time before we leave.
I have most of my stuff packed up, which makes me sad. I’m not ready to leave yet, especially because the temperature difference is so big. I miss everyone from home, but I’m going to miss everything about Mendoza and Argentina- the warmth, the melon, and most importantly, the people.


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