I’m officially home and back in my apartment on campus.  Since I got home, things have flashed by as I unpacked, repacked, slept, and moved back in.  It’s still kind of weird to be home.  I wake up expecting to be in my room in Mendoza.  Instead I’m in Wisconsin, freezing.  I miss my host family and all of the wonderful things I got to do in Mendoza.  

I feel like I’m not ready for this semester.  I hardly had any time to prepare, and I really just want some time to sit back and reflect on my month abroad.  But I have classes and internships and jobs to worry about.  

I plan to talk to everyone I can about how wonderful Argentina was.  I want people to know about the wonderful family I had- how kind and generous they were.  At the airport, they told us that whenever we want to come back and visit, we’ll always have a place to stay with them.  I really do hope I can visit them again.

I also want people to know how wonderful my biological family is- how supportive they were.  Not everyone’s parents would be okay with letting their kid go off to Argentina for a month.  I’m so grateful to have them in my life and I’m sad that I hardly got to spend anytime with them at home before I had to come back to campus.

Although my journey to Argentina is technically over, I hope that it will never truly end.  I gained so much from this trip.  I know my Spanish improved, so I hope to keep that up.  I like to think that I became more adventurous, more fearless.  I tried a lot of different foods and a lot of different things.  After all, I jumped off a mountain.:)  I met some incredible people and I would like to keep in touch with them for the rest of my life.  

Argentina was so much more than a school trip.  We may have only been there for a month, but I feel like I’ve known the people I was with for a lifetime.  I don’t think things will ever be the same after this trip.  Something will always remind me of Buenos Aires or Mendoza or my host family.  And I’ll always want to go back.  Until I can make that happen, I’ll just have to remember the incredible adventure I had.  Por Siempre Argentinas! 


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